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  • SSD 5000Mb
  • Sites 1
  • RAM 1024Mb


  • NVMe 20Gb
  • PORT 250Mbps
  • RAM 2048Mb


Intel 2xL5630
  • SSD 2x240Gb
  • PORT 1Gb/s
  • RAM 32Gb
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Privacy and security

Our team UKVPS guarantees the privacy and security of your website, it is important for us to preserve and maintain the rights of each user to an open, free and secure Internet.

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Make your business even cooler and bigger with premium services at a good price. If some service does not meet the parameters, we simply will not offer it.

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Our support team works 24/7 and is always ready to help with any issue. Our system administrators care about each client and address your problem from a professional point of view.

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Website care

Additional care of the server, even if you do not have the opportunity to have access to it. We will do all the necessary work in case of an unforeseen situation, and we will notify you of the actions taken.

Server with DDOS protection

We protect the server from all troubles. Order a server with DDOS protection now.

FTP Storage

Do not lose important information - FTP-storage it's a server for storing files, backups with the ability to recover.

important things

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an option when a physical server is divided into several. Each VPS option has its own operating system, where there is a part of the resources from the physical server, so VPS are isolated and can be rebooted separately.

It is worth choosing a VPS when the user already has basic knowledge and skills in server management. Choosing us, you do not need to worry about the settings – we will do everything necessary. If you have the opportunity to work on your own, you can always refer to the FAQ section, where you will find all the necessary instructions. If you need prompt assistance, please contact our technical support team, which is available 24/7.

VPS is ideal for those who need more resources than shared hosting, but you don’t need the power and the big expense of choosing a dedicated server. When choosing a VPS plan, consider the following factors: 1) the amount of resources that will be needed to host the site; 2) an operating system that will be important for the installation and operation of certain applications; 3) server management (will you perform all technical and administrative tasks yourself or will they do it for you.

This option is suitable for web developers, bloggers, resellers and e-commerce owners, our VPS are secure, with an increase in the size of the project, there is the possibility of expanding the parameters, the placement will be independent of neighbors and fully controlled.

VPS is more profitable and powerful than shared hosting, where you share a server with other users, you also have control over how you use the space provided. The price of a VPS server is more expensive than shared hosting, but there are definitely a number of advantages. VPS is somewhat similar to a dedicated server, but the resources are distributed between sites. But hosting on a dedicated server gives you access to all available resources and differs in the scale of opportunities.