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  • SSD 5000Mb
  • Sites 1
  • RAM 1024Mb
  • SSD 20 000Mb
  • Sites 10
  • RAM 1280Mb
  • SSD 30 000Mb
  • Sites 30
  • RAM 1536Mb
  • SSD 50 000Mb
  • Sites ∞
  • RAM 2048Mb

fast and cheap hosting for Magento

Magento hosting from UK VPS

We offer hosting that is 100% compatible with the Magento system. Therefore, software conflicts and lack of software support are excluded.

Magento is an easy-to-use store content management system. The interface is intuitive, so even a beginner without special skills will be able to quickly get acquainted with the case.

Why is Magento hosting ideal for an online store?

You can choose the free version of Magento, which is enough to create a large online store. You only pay for hosting, but you get hosting, a domain and a powerful CMS.

Why Magento hosting from UK VPS?

Magento Hosting Features

SSD speed

Modern SSD caching technology provides fast loading of store pages in any browser. The user does not have to wait to buy something from you.

Instant technical support

Our specialists are ready to answer your question in real time, without waiting and long correspondence. Online chat is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Free transfer of the site to Opencart hosting

Do you already have a ready-made website or a website under development, and you want to transfer it to quality hosting? You don't have to do it alone. We will move your site for free without losses and downtime.

Magento is already installed

No experience installing a content management system on your hosting manually? He is not needed. Choose "Install Magento automatically" when ordering hosting - and you're done.

How to choose hosting for Magento?

What to consider when choosing hosting for Magento? First of all, the value for money of the hosting package. If the package is too cheap, you will be very limited in resources. And if it is expensive, the price is too high. Those who decide to buy hosting for Magento, of course, will receive disk space on the server, as well as hardware and software resources needed to run the site. However, does the hosting provider provide a pre-installed Magento 2.x system, domain name registration, the ability to transfer your site from another provider?

And if so, are these services included in the package price? The answers to these questions should be obtained before ordering hosting, so as not to encounter unexpected problems. If you decide to order Magento hosting from us, all the above services will be available, and the value for money will always benefit the customer.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

In Magento CMS hosting tariffs you do not need to spend time on installing and configuring CMS. You can choose to automatically install Magento on the order form and start working with the site immediately after activating the hosting.

Thanks to its high power and performance, Magento is ideal for high-load online stores, so we offer more disk space and index descriptors for Magento CMS tariffs.

The cost of hosting depends on the billing period. The longer the billing period, the cheaper the hosting. You can see the cost of hosting in the “Details of packages” or on the order form

You will be able to install CMS Magento automatically through the Softaculous script installer. Other CMS, such as WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, can be installed manually.