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  • SSD 5000Mb
  • Sites 1
  • RAM 1024Mb
  • SSD 20 000Mb
  • Sites 10
  • RAM 1280Mb
  • SSD 30 000Mb
  • Sites 30
  • RAM 1536Mb
  • SSD 50 000Mb
  • Sites ∞
  • RAM 2048Mb

the most efficient and highest quality hosting for Joomla

Joomla hosting from UK VPS

All the extensions and software required for Joomla to work are already installed on our servers! Joomla high-speed hosting runs on SSDs, so sites load 5 times faster than HDD hosting. It is also hosting with Joomla installed – choose when ordering a car installation and start working on the site immediately after payment.

Why is Joomla hosting perfect for the site?

Joomla is an efficient and logical content management system for your site, which opens up significant opportunities without requiring the required programming skills. That is why it has already become one of the most popular globally.

Why Joomla hosting from UK VPS?

Joomla Hosting Features

100% SSD speed

On SSDs, your site will run five times faster than on HDDs. SSD works like a flash drive: it immediately provides request information. You will jump from page to page - SSDs load the site almost instantly.

24/7 support

Our qualified support specialists are available at any time. You do not have to wait for a reply to the letter because you can ask questions in real-time in the chat.

We will transfer your site for free

Do you already have a website, but you are not satisfied with the current hosting provider? Contact us and provide our specialists with the necessary information - we will quickly transfer to our Joomla hosting.

Hosting is fully compatible with Joomla

Just select the "Install Joomla automatically" option when ordering hosting - and you won't have to spend time installing it later.

How to choose hosting for Joomla site?

Joomla-enabled hosting is an affordable and popular solution chosen by more and more users. Providers, in turn, strive to create all the conditions for the proper operation of this product because the best hosting for Joomla is a hosting in which this system is already installed, along with all the necessary components. This allows the user to start working on the site immediately, without spending extra time pre-configuring the system.

Different versions of Joomla provide different levels of capabilities, so hosts are forced to consider requests for these versions, such as hosting for Joomla version 3 or version 2.5.

But no matter what Joomla site you plan to host and what Joomla hosting features you are interested in, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with a level of service and support that will even exceed your expectations.
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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Joomla! best suited for information sites, forums and social networks. In the tariffs of CMS-hosting Joomla! you do not need to spend time installing and configuring the CMS. You can choose the automatic installation of Joomla! on the order form and immediately start filling the site.

You will be able to install CMS Joomla! automatically via the Softaculous script installer. Other CMS, such as WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, can be installed manually.

Yes of course. Other CMS, such as OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, you can install manually. There are no restrictions on the use of sites created on other CMS.