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  • SSD 5000Mb
  • Sites 1
  • RAM 1024Mb
  • SSD 20 000Mb
  • Sites 10
  • RAM 1280Mb
  • SSD 30 000Mb
  • Sites 30
  • RAM 1536Mb
  • SSD 50 000Mb
  • Sites ∞
  • RAM 2048Mb
The fastest and most convenient hosting for WordPress
WordPress hosting

Our servers are hosted on clean SSDs. This means that your site will run at the speed of the superhero Flash – 5 times faster than on the HDD. WordPress is easy with our video tutorials and good support.
In addition to the hosting itself, you will get listed below.

Why is WordPress Hosting perfect for a website?

WordPress is an open source CMS, so you can use it as you wish: download, install, modify. And it’s all free. Paid themes and extensions can be paid if you want to choose paid options. And inexpensive WordPress hosting from UK VPS will provide not only a platform for hosting sites, but also support for working with CMS.

Why WordPress hosting from UK VPS?
WordPress Hosting Features
nimble sites purely on SSD

Every millisecond of site loading is important for visitors. For example, in Amazon, every additional 100 ms of downloads reduces sales by 1%. Clean SSDs load your site instantly. That's why customers stay with you - new ones come.

24/7 support

Many hosters say they have round-the-clock support. But not everyone can answer a difficult question at 2 o'clock at night. We can. Check it out for yourself - knock on the chat at any time.

We will transfer your site for free

If you already have a site, but you are looking for another host, we will be happy to transfer the site to us. To move the site, you need to provide us with the necessary information, and we will do everything else ourselves.

fully compatible with WordPress

Our hosting software is installed and all PHP extensions required for WordPress to work properly are available.

How to choose hosting for a WordPress site?

Hundreds of thousands of hosts offer WordPress hosting, so it is quite difficult to choose among them. But this task can be simplified if you know one simple rule: the work is best done where there is every opportunity. The best hosting for WordPress is one where your order is quickly activated, WordPress installation will be without delays, after which you can forget that you have hosting, except when you need to pay for it or ask support.

The rest of the time you can spend creating your site and running it on the most popular search engines.

At work, we always put ourselves in the place of the client and imagine how much effort and time it takes to find WordPress-hosting, and then create a site, fill it, do promotion.

Therefore, we have made every effort to simplify your work. Our hosting with pre-installed WordPress is suitable for a blog, online store, forum or other resource that runs on WordPress. And you do not have to think about how much hosting costs for the site and domain.

Here you will find a comprehensive offer for WordPress sites: hosting with free domain registration for one year.

Buy WordPress hosting from UK VPS – a profitable solution. If the CMS does not work, you can change the rate or withdraw money within the first 30 days. Cheap WordPress hosting can be ordered in UK, the US and the Netherlands and change the data center if necessary.

All You Need To Know
frequently asked questions

In WordPress CMS hosting tariffs, you do not need to spend time installing and configuring CMS. You can choose to automatically install WordPress on the order form and start working with the site immediately after activating the hosting service.

The cost of hosting depends on the billing period. The longer the billing period, the cheaper the hosting. You can see the cost of hosting in the “Details of packages” or on the order form.

Yes of course. Other CMS, such as OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, you can install manually. There are no restrictions on the use of sites created on other CMS.