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Register a domain with UK VPS quickly, inexpensively and conveniently

Domains in uk

Before you buy a domain, you can easily find and check the domain from us. Through the control panel on our site it is convenient to manage DNS records of the domain, contact information and track invoices for renewal Unlike many companies, we have the purchase of a domain name – a separate service from hosting. Therefore, you do not have to buy our hosting to manage DNS records of the domain.


If you need to not only get a cheap domain for your site that is easy to remember, but also to place it somewhere, it is more convenient to choose hosting in the same company. In addition to registering domain names at good prices, we can order any type of hosting: virtual, VPS or dedicated server. Our data centers are located in three countries – Ukraine, the United States and the Netherlands, so you can choose a location closer to your target audience.

how to find and buy a domain?
Invent a domain

Registering a domain with UK VPS is easy and convenient, but buying a domain can be a challenge because you need to come up with a domain first. The domain name can be linked to your site logically or it can be your brand name. The domain zone is just as important as the site name. When thinking about a domain zone, note that some zones have restrictions

Fill in the order form

You need to choose a domain for the site from the list, after which it will not be difficult to register a domain - just fill out the order form. You can buy a domain in one of three currencies: pounds, dollars, euros. If you still have questions about how to register or transfer a domain, our support team will be happy to answer them.

How to choose a domain name
Explore the market

Before registering a domain, analyze the market situation. Find out which domain names are already in use in your field. Use the search engine to find competitors' sites and view their addresses. Your task is to choose a domain name that does not look like the one you already have. If a person makes a mistake when writing the name, and a competitor has a similar domain, he will get to it, and this is not profitable. In addition, if you use a name that is reminiscent of another resource, its owner may accuse you of fraud and attempted fraud to take away its customers.

Be aware of possible mistakes

Choose a simple domain name to help potential customers remember and find your site quickly. Ideally, it is spelled the same as it is pronounced. Or dwell on a word that is hard to miss. Suppose you are the owner of an online store that sells flowers. You liked the bouquet domain. This is a complicated name. A person can search a site like a bouquet, bouquet or buqet. As a result, it will not find an online store and may get to competitors. Your task is to make sure that the person can spell the chosen name correctly.

Do not use hyphens or numbers

People do not know exactly whether to write a hyphen in the title. For example, the phrase is logically divided: However, the person does not know which spelling option you have chosen, and therefore may be wrong. Numbers, like hyphens, stun people. They do not know whether to write them in numbers or words: 2 or two. For example, a person can search for a drink site like sevenup and 7up.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Domain registration usually takes place within two hours after payment of the bill. If you want to speed up registration, write to the chat at any time.

DNS is a system of domain names and a service for address translation. It maps a symbolic domain to its IP address and allows you to find a site on the web.

We’ve created a simple and straightforward domain control panel where you can quickly make any changes. It becomes available immediately after domain registration.